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Success In Phoenix Real Estate

There is no doubt that starting a career in Phoenix real estate can be challenging. Here in Arizona, there seems to be a vast amount of highly successful and an equal number of not so successful real estate agents.  There was a time when just about anyone who became properly qualified would have at least some success in our rapidly growing market. Those days are gone.

This leads to a “test the waters” approach to a real estate career. People keep their full-time job and do real estate on the side. The idea is to keep the financial security of your job without risking too much on a career in real estate.

The concept is sound in principle, but very limiting in real life.

There are a few agents that have started out part-time and experienced success. They represent a very small percentage of the overall agents who experience the full benefits of a career in real estate. At Tru Realty, we don’t do part-time. Agents who work part-time have a tendency to slack on follow up, come up short on execution and almost always fail to give the customer the proper attention they deserve.

The problem all starts with time. Today’s competitive and fast paced market requires flexibility that is just not possible with someone who has professional demands beyond their job as a Phoenix real estate professional.  Scheduling around a full-time job creates shortcuts in the process that are almost always felt by the client.

Even the most organized part-time agent will find themselves struggling to handle the vast amount of work that it takes to list, show and close on a home. When you are unable to accommodate a client you end up having to elicit assistance from other realtors. This further disrupts the client relationship and requires you to pay for the added assistance.

At Tru Realty, we are dedicated to the customer experience. It is imperative that the real estate professionals representing our brand are fully dedicated to their profession and fully dedicated to providing their clients with the very best customer service . That is why we provide our agents with intensive, first-hand training and the most extensive resources available in the market.

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