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The Making of a “Tru” Real Estate Agent

Tru Realty's Sarah Richardson Welcoming Real Estate AgentsI feel like I’m overstating the obvious when I say that the Phoenix real estate market is extremely competitive. In my opinion, it’s arguably the most competitive real estate market in the United States.

So with that being said one of my primary roles as a broker/principal is to put forth a strong brand that creates an awesome company culture. We then provide unparalleled resources(like our mentorship program), so we can attract the very best talent that the market has to offer. We’re excited to see some of the top performing agents in the market looking for a better, more supportive brokerage. This presents a mutual opportunity for both of us as we want to speak to veteran realtors and others that we consider a “diamond in the rough.” We want people with a strong passion for the industry; who have the ability to work full time and the desire to help our clients succeed with real estate.

I feel that a strong passion for real estate comes from within. You either have it or you don’t. It saddens me that this industry has a lot people who just go through the motions. The Tru Realty leadership team loves real estate so much that it just doesn’t feel like a job. We want everyone on our team to share that passion.

Success in anything requires time, effort and consistency. That’s why at Tru Realty we only employ full time real estate professionals. We want our people focused on making real estate their career. That comes with a full time commitment. In our market it is often said that 10% of the real estate agents do 90% of the revenue. We want to find, train and support the real estate professionals who want to be in that 10%.

Lastly, but of equal importance is the willingness to create long lasting relationships with clients. When you help guide someone to a successful real estate transaction you are impacting their life. Doing work like that is nothing short of a blessing to us. That’s why we feel it’s important for us to care. Not just pretend like we care, but actually care about the job we do. It’s important to us and it’s important to our clients.

Thanks for reading my blog and for letting me share my brokerage’s vision. If any of this resonates with you … I’d love for us to chat. Give me a call anytime at 480-327- 6700 or email me at

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