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Tru’s Technology Advantage

Tru's Technology Advantage in Phoenix Real Estate

How does technology make you a better realtor? This month we’ll cover a few ways that Tru Realty uses technology in our realtor training and support to better serve our clients by accessing better information, improving communication and streamlining the transaction process.

There are three levels of technology training that we provide our new agents.

All are devised to transition you from being a person with a real estate license to being a successful real estate professional.

In-Depth MLS & zipForms Training

Our first level of training shows you how to maximize your access to the MLS & zipForms.

In our highly competitive Phoenix real estate industry all agents have access to the same MLS data. It’s how we use it that sets us apart.  Our hands-on training with the MLS will show you how this robust system works. We take you beyond the most basic applications of the MLS and make each and every one of our Phoenix real estate agents experts on its most advanced features.

We also go in-depth with zipForms. ZipForms has a feature that allows a user to set up templates. This goes a long way in allowing the realtor to execute the initial steps for a buyer or a seller in a timely manner. We’ll cover ways to improve your ability to generate property comps, save email listings and generate insightful statistical analyses that help you to better understand the market.

Utilizing Dropbox

As we move deeper into technology-based assets, our second tier of training teaches our realtors how to save files in Dropbox so that we simplify the sharing of property information and photos. Dropbox is a cloud-based system that can also be used to streamline the transaction process by readily sharing signed documents and disclosure statements.

Technology also allows us a great deal of convenience in the way of e-signatures. Programs like eSign and DocuSign have virtually eliminated the need to have clients, title companies, and other providers come together to sign a series of documents related to the transaction. We teach you how to best use these platforms to your client’s benefit while still respecting those clients who may prefer a physical signature.

Database Management

Lastly, our third tier of technology training teaches realtors our best practices for database management. In the hyper-competitive world of Phoenix real estate, building and maintaining your database is critical to your success. A real estate agent is only as good as their database and those who know how to properly maintain, manage and optimize a database will enjoy a great and lucrative career in real estate.

Training and support are critical elements to maximizing technology in real estate. We recognize that this space is moving fast, at Tru Realty, we move faster.

About the Author

Asher Cohen is the mentor of the real estate training program at Tru Realty.  He’s spent years educating and mentoring our real estate agents on how to properly leverage our real estate technology platforms to be successful in the Phoenix real estate market. If you think that a career in real estate is for you and you want to join a team that utilizes real estate technology to their advantage fill out the contact form below!


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