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Tru’s Guide To Real Estate: Managing Expectations

Tru Realty's Guide To Real Estate: Managing ExpectationsA realtor will wear many hats during a typical real estate transaction. At Tru Realty, we understand that a purchase or sale of a home is a significant financial transaction for our clients. Navigating that process can require our realtors to be a good negotiator, interior designer, financial consultant and sometimes even a peacekeeper. Whereas this may sound challenging, a well-trained real estate agent can do all of these things effortlessly.

One of the most important responsibilities that successful realtors have is to manage expectations.

Shaping Their Expectations

Buyers and sellers often times formulate expectations based on the brokerage or realtor that they are working with. They can also derive expectations from what they hear from others or the myriad of websites publishing information about the market. Understanding the client and just how they’ve formulated their expectations is the first step to managing them properly.

I personally welcome clients with high expectations as long as that it is focused on the type of customer service they will receive from Tru Realty. I can always guarantee a positive experience there. With that as our baseline, there are other expectations that need to be properly managed:

  • How long it takes to close a transaction
  • How long it should take to sell a home
  • How long it takes to find the right home
  • How long it takes to get a response from your agent

At Tru Realty, we train our agents to set expectations as we conduct our needs analysis for the client. This frank and open communication establishes a rapport which sets the tone for the entire transaction. Often times agents never stop selling themselves when in fact it’s more important for them to execute their duties in a manner that maximizes the experience for the client. Managing expectations by communicating with transparency can accomplish this important step in the client service process.

I welcome your thoughts on this critical role that realtors play in assisting our valued clients.

About The Author

Asher Cohen leads the mentorship, coaching, and real estate training program at Tru Realty. He has spent many years as a successful real estate agent in the Phoenix market. If you think that you could benefit from his real estate agent training and you’d like to hear from us fill out the contact form below!


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