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Our Real Estate Training for the Home Buying Process

Our Real Estate Training For Home Buying Process

Our Real Estate Training For Home Buying ProcessAt Tru Realty, we take a comprehensive approach to the real estate sales process. Our real estate agent training not only addresses the primary components of a real estate transaction, it dives deep into each process so that our realtors all have the knowledge they need to excel at being a gifted real estate professional.

The home buying process requires an agent to identify the needs of a client in a much more comprehensive way than what some may think. Having a deep understanding of those needs is essential to finding the right home at the right price for our valued clients. The process begins with a thorough needs analysis that also addresses various “wants” or “wishes” that create the perfect profile of the home the client is seeking.

The buying agent must then process this information so that they can create a custom search, analyze market trends, target specific neighborhoods and crunch numbers on attainable prices for the client’s dream home.

That’s just the beginning.

The next step involves training our real estate agents to establish clear timelines for our clients that will help to create a favorable home buying process. Timelines help manage expectations and eliminate unnecessary stress. Once our agents have an understanding of the client’s needs, they will lay out the needed timelines to exceed their goals. This is a very important and often times overlooked step in the home buying process.

Beyond that, the real estate agents at Tru Realty are trained to educate their buyers on all facets of the buying process so that people who are unaccustomed to what can be a complex process have a positive experience. Tru Realty emphasizes expertise in this area as a key differentiator of the real estate training we provide. Most brokerages let their realtors learn the hard way. We endeavor to mentor, guide, and train our realtors to have the superior knowledge they need to be excellent, not average.

Lastly, our real estate agents are trained to guide our buyer to the very best resources available for the completion of their purchase. Lenders, interior designers, landscape architects and title companies can be just some of the outside entities involved in a home purchase. Our agents are trained to facilitate all of these interactions to the benefit of the buying client and to the goal of providing an extraordinary real estate buying experience.

About The Author

Asher Cohen is the mentor of the real estate training program at Tru Realty. He has spent many years helping his clients navigate the home buying process of Scottsdale homes for sale and well versed in all things Phoenix real estate. If you think that you could benefit from our real estate agent training and you’d like to hear from us fill out the contact form below!


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