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Enhancing Your Personal Touch Using Real Estate Technology

Enhancing Your Personal Touch By Using Real Estate Technology

Not all real estate brokerages are created equal … the same can be said for realtors and the technology that they use in our ever-changing industry.  

At Tru Realty, we want to make certain that our innovative real estate technologies enhance the customer service we provide. We don’t want innovation to ever give us a reason to eliminate the personal touch that makes for an extraordinary real estate experience.

It seems as though technological progress in every industry has us less and less reliant on interacting with other humans. I personally love how our technology partners have provided us with tools that can simplify and speed up the real estate process. My direction to our agent family is to take that time saved and use it to provide a highly personal touch to the service you provide.

Technology becomes a tool for better customer service not a crutch for poor interpersonal communication.

As a brokerage committed to innovation, we strive to take the time that our improved processes afford us and spend more time giving our clients better customer service. I don’t see that out of other industries and frankly, it’s a miss on their part. I’m all about embracing technology but I’m not about it compromising the real embrace I like to give my clients and co-workers.

If you’re interested in experiencing the personal and innovative advantages of Tru Realty, give me a call anytime (480) 327-6700 or come by for a personal visit at our office on Scottsdale Road just north of Indian Bend.


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