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Rise Above The Noise with an Investor’s Mindset

I was reading an article recently that reminded me how tough it can be for new agents just out of real estate school. Phoenix real estate can be a challenging career both for newcomers and those agents that became successful in preceding era where the day to day was nothing like it is today. How does a real estate professional differentiate themselves in the digital age? What role does traditional outreach play (print, open houses, direct mail, etc.) when your competition is utilizing search sites, Facebook, email and other digital assets?

In today’s world of real estate you must bring value to your clients. You need to market their property and your abilities in a way that maximizes their investment. At Tru Realty we use the investor mindset as a way of over performing for each and everyone one of our clients. Buying or selling a house is an emotional experience and when you show value against this experience you will win with everyone.

What is value? There are a number of ways to generate value while the client moves through the various stages of buying or selling a home:

  • Choosing the home
  • Finding an agreeable price
  • Navigating the contract
  • Clarifying the real estate financing, appraisal and title process
  • Managing client expectations during inspection process
  • Directing the mindset of a client moving in or moving from a new home

This is clearly an overview which represents the key components of the real estate process. The investor’s mindset guides the process and provides clarity to the decisions that happen during an emotional process. This positions the real estate professional (new or seasoned) as a trusted adviser to the client.

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Find It, Flip, Fix It Seminar on Phoenix Real Estate on Febraury 3rd

If you have any questions about Tru Realty or you would like to get in touch with me I’d be more than happy to chat! Give me a call anytime at 480-327- 6700 or email me at

Rise Above The Noise with an Investor’s Mindset

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