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Buying a Home in Arizona? Technology Is Your Friend

Buying A Home in Arizona? Let Technology Help.

Tru Realty wants to be a resource to you need when buying a home in Arizona. We see both technology and data as important assets for the Arizona real estate market. From saving up for a down payment to finding the ideal lender, there are many complicated tasks involved in purchasing a home. However, like a lot of things in our lives, technology and access to data has helped to make the home buying process easier for you. If you’re currently searching for a home on the market, here are a couple of things that will make securing your funding a little easier for you.

The Smart Phone Advantage

The paperwork and requirements associated with a mortgage may not have changed much in recent years, but smart phones have provided us with the instant ability to see all the necessary documents from anywhere. While there was once a time it required a lot of time in front of a computer, smart phones have enabled people to fill in, review and reply to documents on the go, which makes for a much more efficient – and mobile – process.

The Implementation of the E-Signature

It may seem like something that has been around for a while, but up until recently an approving signature on a document had to be provided in person. With all of the documents that are needed to get the ball rolling, this type of approval took up a lot of extra time. Nowadays, instead of having to rush out to sign a paper, our mobility and legal laws enable anyone applying for a mortgage to be able to provide an e-signature, which means there is no waiting around on the backend.

Consult Your Local App

Almost everything has an app these days, and the mortgage process is no different. While there is still a fair amount of paper and information required in order to get approved, the growing availability of mortgage apps enables you to instantly determine how much your monthly payments will be and what the real cost of your home is when it’s all added up. Instead of the guesswork, these apps can help you answer the question of whether or not a home is the right price.

Buying a Home in Arizona?

Your friends at Tru Realty want to be the resource you need to take advantage of the new technologies that make home buying in Arizona easier for you. From apps that can better manage your mortgage to the use of e-signatures, buying a home in Arizona shouldn’t be stressful. If you’re looking into buying a home, please contact our founding principal Sarah Richardson at 480 327 6700.

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